Symptoms of Diabetes

The widespread disease, diabetes, is a chronic disease which weakens your body’s ability to process glucose or else known as blood sugar. It is the most prone and common and risky disease. Either your blood sugar is low or high, it is more dangerous than it sounds. Surprisingly it is more than eating right and consuming safe food.

Check this out: Symptoms of Diabetes you should not neglect.

1.    Unusual Thirst Feeling

The first symptom of diabetes is abnormal and extreme thirst. Drinking the right amount of water is normal and healthy, but if you are thirsty most of the time it is not right. You should visit a doctor to be diagnosed, checked, and tested.

2.    Urge to Go and Pee

Drinking more water than usual will also allow you to experience more regular visits to the bathroom; a person with a high level of blood sugar will also increase the amount and quality of urine. That’s why you have to be aware of how many times you visit your bathroom.

3.    Exhaustion

Feeling exhausted, even when you are not active is one of the prominent symptoms. You can feel tiredness even you have a low or high blood pressure. The glucose can slow down the flow and circulation of the blood, as your cells in your body don’t receive the nutrients, vitamins, and oxygen they need; it will make you feel lazy and tired.

4.    Blurred Vision 

Blurry eyesight is mostly the prior warning or symptom of diabetes. If your blood sugar is higher than usual, the fluid may run from the lenses of your eyes. It might be difficult for your eyes to see clearly. However, this will return to normal once the blood sugar levels return to normal.  The free blood sugar can lead to thickened blood. It pulls more fluid around the tissues, including the lenses in the eye that affects the ability to focus.

5.    Slow Healing

Wounds by blades, knives, or everything sharp, should be given proper attention. You should check and be aware if your cuts are healing at a normal pace. Moreover, if you have diabetes, you are prone to get infected because your immune system weakens.

6.    Excessive Hunger

There are several reasons why you experience extreme hunger, and one of them could be diabetes. The excessive desire for food is not healthy for a person, and it is also not about lacking self-control or feeling peckish, you should go to a doctor for check up if you notice a difference in hunger levels.

7.    Weight Loss

Same goes with weight gain/loss, if you have diabetes, you may encounter weight loss. It shows that you and your body are beginning to break down the protein in your muscles and not the fat. Moreover, your kidneys are trying to work harder than normal to remove the extract of glucose. So, this means that not every sign of weight loss is good, normal or healthy.

Symptoms are the signs that we should take into account and not neglect. Healthy food, exercise is not enough to make your body healthy. Consulting a doctor will help you to assure that you are safe from diabetes.

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