Signs of Having Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the riskiest and deadly diseases that affects the lives of thousands of people. Diabetes can also result in a weaker body, amputation, or worse, death. Lots of people are now diagnosed and dying from diabetes. It doesn’t choose its victims, and it can be old adults, teenagers, even children. There are medications to help prevent the growth of diabetes inside our body. 

There are also signs or symptoms to identify if diabetes is present.

Continuous and Unusual Feeling of Thirst

Diabetes can cause an individual to have an usual feeling of constant thirst. It is normal and even healthy to drink plenty of water every day, but abnormality can be a sign.  A person must consume 10-12 glasses of water per day on average, but an individual with diabetes can seek for more than the recommendation.


Completing daily tasks for our living can make us feel very tired.  Diabetes detection can also use this as a symptom when high, and low blood pressure can be measured.  The circulation can also be affected by the glucose that can result in insufficient oxygen and nutrient supply.  This is the reason of feeling tired.

Blurry or Unclear Vision

Experiencing a blurred and unclear vision is not only caused by our weak eyes, but it can also be a symptom of diabetes. The fluids can be dragged from the eyes and its lenses, that are caused by the high sugar content in our bodies. This symptom must be taken seriously and tackle the problem before it worsens.

Likelihood to Pee Frequently

Peeing helps to release the toxins and other chemicals from your body.  But it can also be a sign of diabetes. It is normal for us to pee but doing it frequently is not considered normal. Due to the unusual and frequent thirst for water, it needs to be released. Additionally, the sugar levels triggers the urine production, which affects the life and concentration of a individual.

Slow Healing Process of a Wound

A wound is the riskiest as infection is more prone to happen that can later lead to amputation. If you have a wound and does not heal in a short period, you must see a doctor. You must be careful in using any sharp things such as blades, knives etc.  Proper and regular cleaning of your wound can also make the healing faster.

Diabetes is a risky disease for all of us. A healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet must be upheld for us to avoid any diseases including diabetes. These signs must be considered, but it is always better to seek medical advise.

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